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Our Mission

We are all responsible for the future of our planet and what we leave behind for future generations. At Micro we are committed to continually looking at more environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to do business and as members of the ecoBiz look to continually invest in programs and provide products and services to support this goal.

Callum & Glen

Our Commitments

  • Micro are members of 1% for the Planet and ecoBiz as we recognise our own responsibility to the planet and take it very seriously. We pledge to donate 1% of our annual sales to projects that share and reflect our passion.


  • Micro will lessen its impact on the environment by managing our waste stream and conserving carbon and water.


  • Micro will raise awareness about the benefits of environmentally friendly promotional products as a realistic alternative for customers.


  • Micro will encourage customers, suppliers, and staff to engage in eco-friendly practices in our operations and supply chain.

Our Initiatives

  • Micro are reducing energy consumption by installing solar panels to power our offices, energy-efficient lighting, using renewable energy sources, and implementing energy management systems.


  • Micro explore ways to minimise waste by implementing a circular economy model, which aims to reduce waste and promote the reuse and recycling of resources.


  • Micro seek to transition customers to digital administration and remove paper-based activities.


  • Micro team members are encouraged to engage and volunteer in local eco-friendly activities.


  • Micro will prioritise and partner with suppliers who engage and encourage eco-friendly practices in their business operation.


  • Micro support local communities through initiatives such as beach clean ups, planting trees and supporting local environmental organisations.
Glen and callum

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