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Well that went quickly! We hope you had a fantastic break and looking forward to an exciting new year. The Micro Team love working with schools and colleges and are here to assist you with what you need to launch 2024.

Check out below some of our latest high quality and responsibly sourced “Back to School” products for a sustainable and stylish academic journey…

What we do:

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Products

From recycled materials to reusable designs, we’re making a positive impact on the environment.

Awesome Giveaways for Events and Open Days

Whether your looking for a small quantity of giveaways with your branding or larger numbers we are always looking to provide the best outcomes.

Year-Round Support

Planning events? Count on us for sustainable solutions that stand out. Let’s make every moment memorable!

Why choose us?

Budget-Friendly: Our products are cost effective for your budget.

Quality Matters: Expect nothing but excellent quality.

Quick Turnaround: Need it fast? We’ve got you covered.

Team Collaboration: We work closely with you to deliver the best solution.

Wide Range: Explore our product range for the perfect fit.

Reach out today! Your success is our priority.

Call our team 07 3157 2474 or email

Let’s turn your ideas into reality!!