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Digital Print

  • Our default print option for almost all products.
  • This print option creates a shiny and quality feel to your product.
  • Most cost effective print option.
  • High-quality printing.
  • Accuracy and repeatability for consistent results.
  • Print-on-demand with faster turnaround rates.
  • Eco / Greener Printing Method.
  • Variable Data Printing.
  • Easy customisation with design and will show all detail at high resolution.

Embroidery / Stitching Print

  • Extra professional touch to finish a product.
  • Can assist in creating a professional brand image.
  • The most durable printing option for longer term results.
  • Will retain its quality for several years over multiple washes.
  • Meticulous needlework with quality fabric.
  • This print method can be used on mostly all apparel.
  • Can select between a number of colours.
  • Not suitable for small text logos as it will not show full detail.

SupaFlex Print

  • Textured print with Matte Background.
  • Any design or detail can be attached.
  • Satin stitch embroidered edging.
  • Any shape and its your choice of matte or gloss finish.
  • One of the best options to showcase small text artwork.
  • Will not rub-off or lose its colour.
  • Can put it through the wash with no damage done.
  • Can select between a huge variety of colours and will be great quality.

Supaetch Print

  • Versatility – Can be applied to bags, caps, blankets, beanies and scarves.
  • Choose what colour thread for a matching or contrast effect.
  • A subtle branding option with a high perceived value and retail look.
  • An easy way to get your products to stand out from the crowd and look amazing for a low price.
  • A bespoke decoration method that can bring any merchandise from zero to hero.
  • Offers a more subtle branding style.
  • Fast production and turnaround.
  • Premium feel decoration method.

Supasub Print

  • Lightweight feel (when compared with traditional embroidery).
  • Available with satin stitch or cross stitch.
  • Choose what colour thread to use to match or contrast.
  • Allows for full-colour branding options.
  • High-resolution imagery print which can display small text.
  • Versatile application print.

Sublimation Print

  • Our sublimated range of towels can be decorated edge to edge giving you the maximum possible size for your logo or design.
  • Sublimation dyes the fabric so the decoration becomes part of the product rather than an application.
  • A simple, easy price structure with 1 setup regardless of logo colours.
  • Vibrant colours with stunning detail and low MOQ of 20 units.

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