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Micro, your go-to for branded promotional products.

Our friendly creative team are all about delivering a professional service with a personal touch. Our aim is very simple; to understand your needs and provide you with suitable products that will successfully communicate your message.

In this first edition…

We share with you the benefit of using branded promotional products, the current top 6 promotional product groups in our industry, introduce the launch of our favourite annual catalogue and show you some Eco Essential Products.

We do hope you enjoy this more informative take on our emailers, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Our favourite catalogue has just dropped, get set to dive in!

Loaded with fresh, innovative goodies that’ll take your promotions up a notch.

We’re working hard to supply more eco-conscious products that won’t harm the planet. Each product is made from carefully selected materials, making a lasting impression, in a responsible way.

Promotional merchandise is the perfect way to convey your brand message in a long lasting, memorable way.

As one of the oldest forms of advertising, promotional merchandise plays an integral part in marketing communications – helping put your brand front and centre in your customers mind.

From the latest eco bottle to a hand finished notebook for a meet and greet to remember, promotional merchandise conveys your brand into your customers’ hands.

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Elevate visibility and promote your brand effortlessly with our eco-conscious reflective items. Whether it’s a quality drink bottle made of RPET Plastics or Recycled Cotton Cap, our range ensures your brand to stand out.

From eco-friendly backpacks to stylish caps and drink bottles, our comprehensive collection guarantees visibility from every angle.

Prioritise safety and sustainability with our Eco Essential Collection.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the scenes at Micro?

Get to know our team, the heartbeat of our promotional product family.

In our upcoming newsletters, we’ll introduce you to some of the friendly faces that make your promotional journey run smooth and easy!